Priyanka Jain


From university lecture halls to a proscenium, teaching and learning has been a life-long journey for her. A firm believer in the adage 'you are what you do', she lives her life - one smile...every mile!! With a hot cup of tea and a lot of dreams, this journey gets only more dramatic by the day"

Gulshan Dua

Director, Marketing

An early bird who struggles to keep her eyes open after the sun goes down, she has always ever dreamt of being a Bollywood celebrity, a Singer, a Nun and a Barista Owner. Reality took over and she entered the Marketing and Education world. A follower of Minimalist lifestyle, she cannot imagine her life without her family, friends, MTR and Sichuan food. Laughing at herself is an art she has mastered and not taking life too seriously still remains her weakness.

Anjali Jha

Director, Events and Production Design

A seasoned HR professional, a qualified and technical film maker, a lover of music /singing, a gastronomy enthusiast, a crazy dancer, a home decor connoisseur and the list goes on. To sum up an "excited electron" with an insatiable desire of doing anything and everything under the sun. Her mantra in life "Learning and creating memories each day"!

Namrata Sharma

Director, Finance

A psychology graduate, a good listener to anyone who wants to speak their hearts and strongly believes 'love life and life will love you back' She's a fun-loving, yoga freak and always enthusiastic to learn new tasks.

Her fascination being traveling, shopping and living life king size.

Arpita Mohan

Director, Operations

She is a dancer, a teacher, and editor of Teacup's Magazine, Abhivyakti. Usually spotted behind the scenes, she prefers working quietly most of the time.

Padmini Pandit

Creative Director

A creative mind, always surrounded by friends, loved by kids, madly in love with the life and its ways, racing with time and whining – why only 24 hours? A born actress, she could be acting even when she is sleeping – you never know! Serious only about making this world a happier place- a cool cat otherwise. She is a prankster, a fashion enthusiast, a story teller, wannabe Yogi, spiritualist, Bollywood movie buff and an absolute people-lover.

Natasha Jain

Senior Editor, Content

A slightly OCD, twenty-something, theatre fanatic from London, Natasha has an ever-expanding bucket list of things to see, places to go and restaurants to eat in! With her love for a hot cuppa tea, a good to-do list, and central air conditioning (what’s with the HK humidity?), she is known for needing chilli sauce with everything; what’s life without spice, right? Oh…and she thinks drama is best left on the stage!.

Poonam Jajoo

Director Content and Head of Singapore Chapter

A media professional with many years of experience in India as a TV broadcaster and reporter, she discovered her passion for Theatre and acting during her memorable years in Hong Kong. Narrating bed time stories to her curious 5 year old, daughter has recently kindled another interest - writing engaging stories for children. When she is not pulling her hair out being Mommy. You will find her letting her hair down on the dance floor - Zumba, Bollywood Beats or even Indian folk.

Priyanka Tater

Director Content & Programming, Head Australia

A travel enthusiast and an MBA in marketing with an extensive experience in broadcast and print media,she has donned many a hats, from being a radio presenter, to a reporter, to a television anchor, a content editor, freelance writer, producer and a marketing specialist to being a "mommy". To her "all the world's a stage" and she is ever hungry to grab more and more roles to perform. During her rare 'me times' you may catch her writing a poem, watching an interview or 'just thinking'. Her newest skill sets include dancing to rhymes and negotiating with a toddler. Passionate about kids, she nurtures a dream of making a children's film some day...