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Children are the most useful resource our future has…

Teacup Productions host a variety of free workshops for children all over Hong Kong. Whilst the themes may vary, the aim is always consistent: assist children in learning, in an engaging and accessible way. Workshops we have held have covered a range of topics to improve writing, speaking, career development and even anger management skills.

Teacup truly believes that opportunities like these can help develop personal confidence and social communication skills; all which can create responsible and compassionate citizens of our future.

There is always drama in life, but can you put the life into drama?

Community theatre is at the heart of what Teacup Productions does; it empowers, inspires and teaches! Shows are put on each year, in English, that touch on serious issues in a comedic manner. Teacup encourages people from all over Hong Kong to get involved, no matter what their experience or background; it’s all about cultural integration and community participation!

Some of our previous plays include:

Did you know Teacup Productions hosts its own radio show called Cultural Dim Sum?

The show provides a platform for individuals to share, engage and exchange ideas and experiences and is an additional channel of communication to promote integration amongst local communities. Cultural Dim Sum interviews many amazing people from all walks of life, each of whom is an inspiration in their own right.

We have also assisted in guiding schools and universities in their own radio show production.

Cultural Dim Sum is aired every Sunday on DAB-31, RTHK from 8pm – 9pm. Don’t forget to tune in!

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    How do you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve come from?

    Abhigyan is a cultural exploration programme, that teaches Indian history, art, culture and the Hindi language to children of Indian diaspora in Hong Kong. Over a series of workshops, children have the opportunity to strengthen their cultural identity, in a supportive and encouraging environment, through the medium of drama.

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    If culture was a house, then language would be the key to the front door…

    Abhivyakti is a forum that has been created to discuss, deliberate on and promote the Hindi language and associated literature. Aimed predominantly at the local Indian population, this series helps create a sense of community and dissolve isolation in a such a fast-paced and transient city such as Hong Kong. The forum has also created a first-of-its-kind Hindi language magazine, titled ‘Abhivyakti’. 

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    Come and join in the fun!

    Teacup Productions often hosts and participates in a variety of events, for children and adults alike. Please click here for our upcoming events

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